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Xiao selfcuffing and leg irons

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  • titouan: belle
  • Michael: How do the ladies at cuffedoutdoors keep getting hotter? What an enthusiastic and angelic face Dominika has.
  • glenn: lauren is gorgeous, head to toe
  • glenn: this girl has beautiful hands, would dig seeing her barefoot and cuffed ankles
  • jay9683: i thought i recognised them being from uk myself. possible to get them back in handcuffs? they r stunning.
  • Trevor: For some reason! When girls wear bikinis and are in handcuffs, I just to want to kiss them all day!...
  • Trevor: She looks cute in handcuffs!!! I love seeing girls locked in handcuffs!!! They can’t do anything about...
  • Ed: Yes well spotted, they are English page 3 girls.
  • jay9683: these two r so hot. look familiar, they english models? please get them back in handcuffs. so hot
  • Costas: WOW ! She is SO beautiful !
  • Peter: Teresa: “Don’t you just love a walk in the snow; it’s so invigorating!” “Hey,...
  • Peter: Fabulous shoot: beautiful Crystal (I love her pink racing jacket), handcuffs, leg cuffs and great light;...
  • Peter: The wonderful Jenni C. in jeans shorts and handcuffs: be still my beating heart!
  • Peter: Jenni C. is such a fabulous model and she always looks great in handcuffs.
  • Peter: I would have loved to be present at that shoot: three lovely girls fooling around with handcuffs; so much fun!
  • Peter: I love this shoot: three beautiful girls (with my favourite Melissa), having fun with some handcuffs!...
  • Peter: Your most beautiful and elegant model; on the beach in hand and ankle cuffs! What more could you want?
  • Peter: Melissa is such a fantastic and classy girl, especially in handcuffs. I hope we get to her again soon.
  • Ed: Thank you! These are actually wild horses, they came so close to her (and she was cuffed)! It was amazing!
  • soggo: I’m not really a fan of the Irish 8, soooo… you’d really need a drop-dead gorgeous model to...
  • Jean: Very beautiful photos more in shackle and jeans please.
  • soggo: Beautiful Rose seems a bit shy at first, but she still gives us some wonderful, warm smiles, and wears the...
  • soggo: Rose looks like a real princess here… love her dress, and the location is amazing, which inspired you to...
  • soggo: Ah, well, I’m still not a fan of thumbcuffs. But I am still a fan of Victoria, and she looks great, and...
  • soggo: Well, when I was asking for more photos of Victoria, I was actually hoping for… this set here!...
  • Matt Hiatt: Hey coxy I want to arrest you can you come over
  • Masterstephen11: she looks so hot handcuffed and pregnant. need more with her hands behind her back.
  • Gaylord de Rochefort sur Beaumond: Very beautiful photos!More photo in jean jacket and roll up jean please.
  • Jon: Should really use some leg irons on these outdoor shoots…would have really been awesome on this set.
  • AJcuffer: Cassie is a beautiful girl, the handcuffs suit her too.