Marina – afternoon in hinged cuffs

Roxee – smoking in cuffs

Pink cuffs – an afternoon in the garden

Bad Dolly – chained summer

Beth waist belted and cuffed

Louise P wandering around in speedcuffs

Adora in the garden in leg irons

Cindy – a walk in hinged ASP cuffs

Muriel – exploring in Spain

Jaye Rose – cuffed for the first time

Valencia – sunny hogcuff

Patricia V – barb wire

Jessica Taylor – lost in the woods

Laura Jones cuffed to the swing

Karen – lady in pink

Alone in the park

A sunny day in cuffs with Scarlot Rose

Katelyn – sexy pink ASP cuffs

Missa collared and cuffed

Lily – Irish 8 outing

Rachelle Summers in waist belt and speedcuffs

Clejuso city trip with Melinda

Charley Atwell – cuffed too long

Stephanie in a prisoner transport belt!

Alena – S-cuffed and neck cuffed

Brand new day with Honour May

Faye Taylor – ASP hinged cuffs

Mel – shorts and cuffs

Sophia Smith – forest hike in speedcuffs

Kelly W – cuffed outside again

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  • Stefan: Two very hot ladies. Really like the legiron over the skinny jeans and the sexy platform pumps. Hinged cuffs...
  • dazza: I have that shoot :) I’d love to see a black g-Shock on her
  • admin: Muriel actually owns a red G-Shock, you can see it here:
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  • Paul: Mel sets are always good ones
  • admin: No sorry, no lace up boots.
  • bootpron: Are these lace up boots? Cannot tell from the preview, And if so any cuffs around them at any point?
  • Dave Kay: This a wonderful site. Thank soggo and all the girls.
  • capitolpxv: Shackles on her ankles would go great with her heels!!
  • capitolpxv: What I wouldn’t give to lock a pair of shackles to her ankles! Her legs are too smooth and...
  • Capitolpxv: The only thing missing here legirons on their ankles, ESPECIALLY the one in the red flats! Shackles and...
  • Rahul: She is very sexy girl
  • admin: Thanks! If you need assistance, please email me at
  • Marcus: Four sexy thumbs in two thumbcuffs … both girls are great. Gladly more pictures, even from other...
  • paul: She is cute
  • Boh: I bought the photos… how download?
  • jay: joyce cuffed in hinged cuffs behind her. make it be
  • tiredandtied: absolutely gorgeous in those fabulous cuffs.
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  • soggo: I am the first to comment on this set? That can only mean everybody else was speechless. And no wonder: Daimy...
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  • jay: can we see joyce cuffed behind???
  • admin: Maybe ;)