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Tiny Azul in heavy manacles

Rachel Adams – pink dress and hinged cuffs

Lucy Lauren meets some curious cows

Beau cuffed for the first time!

Lottii Rose in ASP hinged handcuffs

Stardust – a walk in Hiatts 2050 handcuffs

Nympha Ophis in heavy Clejuso cuffs

Linda handcuffed in the park

Wood cutting in handcuffs and leg irons!

We invited Tegan over!

Livv – first time in cuffs

Walking around – locked in the pink fiddle

Construction site Clejusos

Prisoner belt fun in the garden

Dina in leather jacket and speedcuffs

Anna cuffed at night!

Lola Hope handcuffed – Merry Christmas!!

A cold afternoon with Tasha in handcuffs

Lisa – heavy Clejuso cuffs in a busy forest

Lottii Rose stuck in the garden

Alena – autumn walk in speedcuffs

Nympha Ophis in pink ASP cuffs!

Linda liked the heavy Clejuso cuffs!

Kasia – not allowed to drive

A rainy day in cuffs with Dina

A walk outside with Alatna

Jaye Rose cuffed in the garden!

Faye Taylor cuffed in the garden

Kacie James – lamp post trouble

Wednesday afternoon with Reena

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