Azul elbow cuffed in heavy Clejusos

Lizzie Bayliss cuffed in the garden

Linda – afternoon walk in Irish 8

Beau in a pink RigidFiddle

Nympha Ophis loves self cuffing

Livv in heavy metal manacles

Reena in pink ASP handcuffs

Memories of last autumn

A sunny evening in Irish 8

Speedcuffed fit girl!

Beau wearing heavy Clejuso cuffs

Tegan in pink cuffs and leg irons

Azul – an afternoon in Bagno cuffs

Anahí climbs the watchtower in cuffs

Nympha Ophis in Irish8 cuffs

Linda locked in pink ASP cuffs

Lizzie Bayliss – coffee and cuffs

Coxy – evening photo shoot

Cuffed at the railway crossing!

Leila Mazz cuffed during her walk

Irish 8 fit girl

Reena in handcuffs and leg irons

Tiny Azul in heavy manacles

Rachel Adams – pink dress and hinged cuffs

Lucy Lauren meets some curious cows

Beau cuffed for the first time!

Lottii Rose in ASP hinged handcuffs

Stardust – a walk in Hiatts 2050 handcuffs

Nympha Ophis in heavy Clejuso cuffs

Linda handcuffed in the park

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