Tiffany self cuffing with hinged cuffs

7 Responses to “Tiffany self cuffing with hinged cuffs”

  • AJcuffer says:

    A girl this hot is way too dangerous to be just walking around unrestrained, she should be locked up in hinged handcuffs at all times.

  • rc4955 says:

    She’s too beautiful in handcuffs and leg irons! her legs and bare feet are killers! MORE please!!

  • rc4955 says:

    Beaches like this are ideal places for handcuffs and leg irons games: a few grains of sand in the keyholes and the steel restraints become almost permanent!

  • AJcuffer says:

    Tiffany with her hands permanently cuffed tightly behind her back, sounds like fun to me!

  • Wladimir says:

    Rightly so – a smart woman! I wonder if she’s still there? – She does not need anything to help?

  • Horace says:

    you are a pirate’s prize!

  • Michael says:

    I want Tiffany handcuffed to me forever and ever, hand and foot!

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