2 thoughts on “A sunny day by the river

  1. Beautiful Tiffany, you like to be chained on the beach, it’s your second shot on sand!
    I wish your handcuffs and leg irons be clogged by sand so you will stay chained long long time!

  2. Another case of a “Yes, this is CuffedOutdoors”-set… Tiffany is a beauty, and that backdrop really adds to the energy of these photos.
    Okay, so for my personal taste, it’s a bit of a shame that she wears sunglasses at the beginning (I always need to see the eyes to fully appreciate a girl’s beauty); but hey, some may really be into that, and anyways, there thankfully are more than enough images in this set I can adore. Yes, this is CuffedOutdoors. And it is great.

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