One thought on “Irish 8 in pink bikini

  1. Dear Ed!!! Thank you for these photos!
    The girl is just super, after the session in shorts (COD454),it was just necessary to take a picture of her in a pink bikini!
    Irish 8 very insidious handcuffs that can break any girl, but Laura tried them on herself very well, although it was probably not easy for her to pose in them…. It’s a pleasure to watch her squirm in them, after downloading I watched this photo set 4 times… very exciting! A lot of thoughts were born in my head what else would I do with Laura :)
    I don’t know why this cutie showed the middle finger in the last photo, but it only awakened the fantasy of shackling her in something else, probably she is a rebel but powerful once she was able to pose in the Irish 8 behind her back, It’s a pity that this girl never appeared in her outfit in the girlsincuffs studio… I’m sure she would have been shackled even more there.
    Laura please come back, I’m really waiting for you!!!

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